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Leathers Racing Motorcycle Jackets and Suit

Motorcycle jackets of Ben Spies MOTOGP YAMAHA Monster 2010 Racing Leathers suit are unique in designing, quality, fitting with other features. Purchasing leather motorcycle jackets or suit is necessary as purchasing of your bike is important. The material which is used in this motorcycle suit and jacket is approved to protect the bikers on the racing track and in normal streets.

High quality leather with flexible stuff and unique design are from the important features of the racing suit and motorcycle jackets. It contained with hooked sleeves and genuine zippers with other protected accessories. Keeping in view the safety of biker’s suit and jackets are internally and externally formed. Your knee, shoulder, backbone, elbow, neck and every part of body is safe and sound under the protection of material used in this suit and jacket. It is very flexible and material used in it will save you from grab and scratches.

The inner assembling and formulation process with hundred percent pure mesh lining. Very beneficial thing is that it is complete safe with triple stiches. Very unique designs and colors are available in man as well as woman fitting. Jackets fashioned and made in initial bent grace for good riding position. Here one another feature is of detaching armors directed to the shoulders, elbow and knee. Motorcycle Suit and jackets are verified removable backbone guards and knee sliders. With feature of rubber padding, relaxed collars and ventilated zippers with leather patching. Select with your own choice and designing.

Leathers Racing Motorcycle Jackets and Suit Features

  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • With removable accessories
  • Customizable features
  • Internally and externally checked and approved
  • Cowhide leather with rubbing padding
  • Safety activated throughout the suite with triple stiches

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